hi! bpd.lol is a small mood/emotion recording tool, meant to assist with emotional regulation. it allows you to easily keep a record of and analyze patterns in your mood, energy level, dominant thought patterns, hours of sleep, etc.

to register an account, type in a username and password on the login page! as long as nobody has claimed that username yet, your new account will be created. from the home page, you can adjust your settings, record an entry, or view your records.

while i designed this for myself to help track my own distorted thoughts stemming from borderline personality disorder, by no means is this website only for people with BPD. i hope that this website is able to help anyone who is interested in tracking their thoughts and feelings! there are three custom questions that you can modify from the settings page to fit your own tracking needs.

in addition to being a tool to assist my own emotional regulation, this website also serves as a programming project for me to experiment with PHP and MySQL, since i am trying to write as much of the code myself as possible. i am using bootstrap for the responsive page framework, and canvasjs for graphs on the revord viewing page, but everything else is from scratch. so basically, i know there are other mood and emotion tracking apps out there that have more features and more details, but this is just meant to be a simple project.

~ willow